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      Construction Scrapers

      Building Construction Machinery

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      Scraper is an important mechanical equipment that is used for excavating, digging and hauling of materials. Scraper is available in different sizes and configuration depending on the nature of the project. It is one of the most versatile equipment that performs different functions single handedly.

      Mechanical Operations

      Mechanics of scraper is simple. It is powered by either single engine or double engine. The push/pull arrangement for scraper has two twin-engine machines hooked up to help each other with loading. There are also elevating and auger configuration and open bowls. The construction scrapers have hydraulically operated bails and push blocks with hooks. During loading, the trailing scraper's bail snags the hook and holds the machines together. This push pull arrangement work efficiently without consuming much time.
      Construction Scraper The single lever implement controls and combines the traditional three implement levers into one joystick. Auger scrapers help load granular material, laminated rock, and mud more easily, while elevating scrapers work alone for great economy on hauls with lower rolling resistance. It is because of this fact scrapers are highly useful in various projects.


      Scrapers are applied in various fields like :

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