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      Pothole Patcher Machine

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      Potholes are cracks and cleavages formed on roads due to various reasons like water logging, frost, heavy traffics etc. Potholes are not only the determinants of overall maintenance of roads but also causes severe damage to vehicles. For maintenance of roads, treatment of these pothole is must. There are many pothole machines that are also called as pothole patchers which are used to cover up these potholes.

      Generally hot mix asphalts or asphalt with various additives are used to patch these pot holes. Asphalt patcher which is trailer mounted has storage bin and asphalt pavement heater. In some patching machines there are steel conveyor that ensures continuous supply of asphalt for non stop operations.

      Pothole Patcher Machine
      Apart from patching some machines can also repair utility cuts, as well as spreads sands chippings etc. Single-drum vibratory roller is also ideal for asphalt patching jobs that are too small to be completed by tandem rollers. Spray patcher, concrete patcher, velocity-filled asphalt patcher, process heating patching machine.


      The applications of pothole patcher machines are :

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