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      Motor Graders

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      A motor grader is a huge productive earth-moving apparatus which is used to level a surface. It is used for the leveling of roads and construction sites. The motor grader, apart from hauling road construction, is also responsible for the maintenance and soft grading of cell floor liners.

      On the basis of strength and the types of grades used in the motors, motor graders are classified as :

      Mechanical Operations

      Motor Graders In design and applications motor grader differs from a simple grader. Motor grader functions on all the four wheels and can be operated from the center of the machine. At the ends it has a plow which stays close to the ground. It also has a different type of arm which can be used to pick up materials and move them to other places.

      Motor grader also has a blade which is situated under the cab to spread and push gravel. It has hydraulic controls that provide smooth, predictable response when the lever is moved. Motor graders are very useful while working on a project which requires dirt holes to be filled.


      Motor graders finds its application in the following areas :

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