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      Construction Machinery

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      Introduction to Construction Machine

      Building Construction Machinery

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      Infrastructure is the most important aspect of any country's economy. It gives sound base for the development of other sectors of an economy. In architecture and civil engineering fields, construction implies the building or assembling of infrastructure. Construction is not a single activity. It is multitasking. The level of development of a country is reflected by its infrastructure. The growing need for infrastructure development has led to the increase in the demand of the construction industry.

      For building huge infrastructure and giving it a finishing touch, lot of machineries, both heavy and light machineries are required. These construction machineries perform various tasks like

      Types of Construction Machineries

      Construction machineries include machineries that are capable to do construction of heavy and civil engineering (roads, railway tracks, bridges, airports, etc.), real estate (residential, commercial, industrial) development, and specialized construction products (architectural products, electrical connections, decorative items, etc.). On the basis of their capacities, weight, and the nature of the work done, construction machineries can be classified as :


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