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      Construction Machinery

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      Construction Machinery Glossary

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      Asphalt is a material that is widely used in construction of roads. It is obtained by petroleum processing and is brown to black in color.

      Bulldozer is a heavy driver operated machine used for grading and clearing lands. It is fitted with dozer blade and is usually mounted on tracks.

      Crawler is a track on which vehicles are mounted. Crawler helps the vehicle to operate in tough geographical condition.

      Conveyor Belt
      Conveyor belts are the belts that are used for moving industrial and agricultural products. It consists of two pulleys with continuous loop of materials that rotates about them.

      Compactors Machineries
      used for reducing the size of the waste materials through compaction is called as compactors. There are different types of compactors like soil compactors, asphalt compactors, plate compactors, vibratory plate compactors, etc.

      Dumper is a small vehicle usually diesel powered usually used to carry heavy materials to various construction sites like roads, buildings, ports etc.

      Earth Moving Machines
      Earth moving machines are those heavy and light machines that are used for various civil engineering and construction projects. The popular earth moving machines are excavators, loaders, cranes, bulldozers etc.

      Excavators are multi usage vehicles that are used for excavating, digging, loading of materials and small demolition. It has a replaceable buckets which can be replaced by auger, grapples, breakers and are generally mounted on the track.

      Fork Lift
      Fork lift is an industrial vehicle which is mainly applied for lifting and moving materials through steel forks which is inserted under the loads. Forklift moves the loads which are stored on pallets.

      Gantry Cranes
      Gantry cranes are heavy machines that are used for moving heavy loads. Gantry cranes can be of different types like single girder, double girder, double leg, single leg, and cantilever styles for indoor or outdoor service.

      A girder is a horizontal structure that are aligned in such a fashion as to support vertical loads.

      Hoist is a device normally attached with cranes and is used for raising and lowering of heavy or complex objects. Normally it is attached with cranes.

      Loaders are those machines which are either mounted on wheel or track and use a wide tilting bucket on the end of movable arms to lift and move materials.

      Material Handling Machines
      Machines used for transporting and storage of materials both within the jobsite and outside, is called as material handler. The popular examples of material handlers are cranes, trucks, loaders, dumpers, etc.

      Scrapers are those mechanical equipments which are used for digging, excavating and hauling of materials.

      A temporary framework which is used to support people and material for the construction of large structures is called as scaffolding. It is either made up of metal pipes or bamboo. It helps the workers to gain access to high levels safely.

      Trenchers are the machines which are responsible for digging trenches. With attachments like backhoes, saws and reel carriers, trenchers are responsible for landscaping, irrigation, plumbing and underground utility construction etc.

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