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      Concrete Mixers with Hooper

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      Concrete Mixers with HooperConcrete mixer is a machine which combines the ingredients of concrete. It is a device that combines cement, aggregate such as sand or gravel, and water homogeneously to form concrete. Generally concrete mixer consists of a revolving drum to mix the components. Some concrete mixers are also supplied with hoopers which helps in mixing work. Hooper supplies the granulars into a mixer where they are mixed in a definite proportion. Now-a-days mobile concrete mixers have also entered the market.

      Types of Concrete Mixers

      The other components of the concrete mixers are diesel engine or electric motors, steel chassis, detachable blades and hydraulic loaders. Portable concrete mixers are often used for small volume of work at the construction site so that it could be used easily by the workers before they are hardened. For rapid concrete production twin-shaft batch mixers are used which, for industrial production, takes short mixing time. The high turbulence used by them results in the homogeneity in concrete production. Based on the different technologies used, concrete plant mixers are of following types :

      Sizes of Concrete Mixers

      Concrete mixers are counted among one of the heavy machinery items. The weight of a standard concrete mixer truck can vary anywhere between 20,000 to 30,000 pounds or 9,100 to 14,000 kilos. A common concrete mixer truck can easily carry a load of about 18,000 kilos or 40,000 pounds of concrete. The most common types of concrete mixers have a capacity of 8 cubic yards.

      Concrete Mixer parts

      There are a number of small parts and components that together form a complete concrete mixer. Some of the major concrete mixer parts are mentioned as under:
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