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      Canal FinisherCanal finishing is necessary as it prevents water seepage and hence water logging. Canal finishing is done through lining of concrete on both side of the canals. Concrete trucks have access on one side only and the canal spanning conveyor allows concrete to be placed on the opposite canal slope. Machine can be used alternatively for bed and slope finishing canal projects. Longitudinal and transverse joints are scored with attachments on the canal finisher machine and the workers on the work bridge finish the joints.
      The finisher covers maximum distance while paving. The finisher can finish the work at a faster rate. The special under carriage consists of a spreader augar to spread the concrete to level, the finishing cylinder to compact and finish the concrete to the grade. Canals are lined by using canal liners. Grade and steering control of canal liner is is maintained by an automated sensoring system following stringline.

      Some machines used two separate finishing cylinders and carriages. The machine finishes the concrete lining with a minimum radius at the intersection point of the slope and bottom which reduces the possibility of a fracture point in this area of the lining.

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