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      Sheepsfoot Roller for Secured Dam Construction

      31 May 2011- There are different kind of construction work which requires specific machines. A roller is used in varied construction sites for compacting the soil. Such kind of land compactors with knob wheels are called sheepsfoot roller. Sheepsfoot roller is used in dam construction sites. The knob helps in compressing the soil due to the protruded section contacting the ground. It is typically used for compacting clays or for breaking weak bedrock and compacting them preparing the base for actual construction work. The best with this roller is, it presses the soil rather than trying to crush it.

      What is soil compaction?

      My fault of singing on sheepsfoot roller without explaining the term compaction. Compaction improves the density of the soil by placing appropriate layer of soil over the intended area and driving the roller to achieve the required level of soil compaction. The perfectness of the compaction may be specified by engineer expertise in the field.

      Sheepsfoot Roller for Dam Construction

      Now, I hope you are well versed with compaction and the role of sheepsfoot roller in compacting the soil. Sheepsfoot roller compaction is employed in multiple fields like : dam construction, road base, building embankments and runways. It improves the properties of soil by increasing the stiffness and strength of the soil.

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