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      Road Construction: Understanding the Safety Signs

      Road Construction Warning Signs 16 February 2011- An ongoing road construction creates discomfort and hassles for motorists but it is rather essential to understand the road construction safety signs and take proper precautions for self safety as well as for the safety of the workers. Mentioned under are few pointers regarding road construction safety. Read on to understand the road construction warning signs better.

      Appearance of road construction safety signs

      All the road construction warning signs are diamond-shaped with orange as base color. The pictures or text written on these sign boards are black in color. Thus, in case you witness orange signs on road, be prepared to slower down the speed and pay attention towards the warnings and construction signs.

      Word signs regarding road construction

      Worded or text construction signs indicate lane or shoulder closures, utility workers, survey crews, impending stops, detours (along with directional arrows), flag people and number of feet before the construction starts.

      Image signs regarding road construction

      At times certain road construction safety signs include a picture of a person to indicate varied points for example, picture of a person with a flag indicates flag people while an image of a person holding a signaling paddle warns of stop or go paddle handlers. An image of a shoveling person signals of workers ahead.

      Electronic road construction signs

      As the name suggests, electronic road construction signs digitally indicate information regarding alternate routes, number of miles of construction, lane closures, road work ahead etc.

      Significance of road construction signs

      The role of road construction signs is to safeguard construction workers and the construction work by informing drivers and riders about the ongoing site work. These road safety signs also help a lot in avoiding vehicular accidents and regulating driving speed of people during road construction.

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