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      Boring Machines Working

      07 February, 2011- Author: Sanchita

      Boring is the result of modern technology as earlier the tunnels and pits etc. were dug either by hands or by dynamites in case of larger sites. Though the problem with dynamites were that they use to destroy every single thing in the proximity of the working area thus, with the advancement of technology, modern boring machines were introduced in the construction industry.

      These underground boring machines work as drill to bore a hole through the tough rocks and soils. The size of boring with such machines vary from being as small as hole to run through a cable or as large as a man sized tunnel. The process of boring remains more or less the same independent of the kind of size its being made to make.

      The making of a boring machine is very simple. The frontal part of it is made up of a cutting head to clear the hole routes. It has a fan like making with several blades rotating at an angle like a drill.

      Boring Machines Working At the back of the blades are cylindrical metal shields which prevent the loose dust and dirt to fly wildly. Also these shields brace the boring machine against the walls of the tunnel.

      A well defined path is marked out for example, path would be chalked out on the highway if a tunnel is being planned there. Once the path is marked, the machine is started which in turn starts pushing the earth with the cutting head to make a way through it. The boring machine makes the chunks of bored earth pull back behind the blades, within the shields. In case its loose dust and dirt, a boring machine with the capacity of soaking the bored earth with water to create a muddy slurry is used. The tunnel boring machine is put to the job till the time it reaches the other end after making the desired path i.e. a tunnel on the marked out area.

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