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      Brick Making Machine: The steps of brick making in automatic machine

      27 April 2011- Invention of automatic brick making machine is the latest technology gift to humankind. Every wall is built by piling one brick over the other. Using the modern automatic brick making machine enables to monitor the brick quality and thus delivers high end quality bricks to the end users. No matter if we use the latest machine, brick manufacturing process goes through several stages. Once the soft mud is molded, the raw brick blocks go passes on setting and drying process. After the block bricks are completely dried, they are put into furnace for fire. The order wise detail steps are given below:

      Setting mud

      It is the soft mud molding stage, the brick blocks are moved to a carrier belt. With help of strong mechanical rod, the defected blocks are transferred to the furnace again. Then the brick blocks are placed in a specific pattern so that each piece gets proper amount of heat in the furnace.

      Brick Making
      Brick Making Process in Automatic Machine


      After the raw bricks are heated in a furnace, they are put into low temperature predrying cooling furnace to extract the excess moisture from the bricks. After removing the extra moisture, they are again put into high temperature dryer where the computer monitors the temperature. The dryer car passes through air temperature of 350-400 degrees to remove the moisture or water completely.

      The final step (Closing)

      It is nothing but the brick placement for the display in the factory. The popular pattern for setting the ready brick is the architectural realm where the bricks are placed in repetitious modular style.

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